For self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs in times of change, positioning photography is the key to making the newly emerged visible:

Make your transformation and repositioning visible to your customers through positioning photos. Additionally, take new paths for your own development as an entrepreneur and self-employed individual.



The photographic process brings the essence to the final photo.

The photographic process brings the core essence by influencing the subconscious onto the final photo.

The biographical preliminary discussion captures the core essence in one word.

The biographical preliminary discussion consists of a longer conversation during which the core essence of the personality is extracted. This core essence will then determine how the photoshoot should be designed. The photoshoot will distinctly express the core essence.

Positioning photos make the core essence visible.

What defines you? Who are you at the core? We will bring that out in your positioning photos, so you can reach the right target audience and convince them. Your personality will emerge and shine.

What is Positioning photography?

Positioning photography helps you understand who you are, what you stand for, and what your role is. Photography has become a means for me to show others who they can be.

Making the invisible visible through the camera is pure magic to me. I want to contribute to more people discovering and conveying who they are and the role they play in the lives of others through my work.

Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals constantly engage in this exploration of themselves and their impact on others. With my photography, I consciously aim to support this introspection. The images reveal what is going on inside. The effect on the subject is reflected in the pictures.

In the end, self-awareness and the images that convey it stand tall. The subject appears as their authentic self. And that, in turn, is what positioning photography means to me.

Here are two case studies of Dr. Peter Rößger and Michael Geerdts:

How the photos of Peter Rößger were created:

How the photos of Peter Rößger were created: Dr. Peter Rößger is a consultant and speaker for HMI (Human-Machine-Interaction) and needed new images for his speaking positioning that would reflect his personality. Specifically for the HMI topic, a location with a futuristic character was chosen. Peter Rößger is a free-spirited individual, and this aspect was taken into consideration during the photo session.

The pictures of Michael Geerdts were taken as follows:

Michael Geerdts is an expert in Business Storytelling and was preparing for the relaunch of his new website. He needed photos that would reflect both his personality and his message. For this purpose, we worked on defining the message in a detailed pre-session discussion and selected the appropriate locations accordingly.

Customer testimonials

What customers say…

michael Geerdts

Business Storytelling

Cinematic! is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Christopher. I booked Christopher for a photoshoot for the relaunch of my website. The entire collaboration was absolutely professional from the first contact to the transfer of the images. Christopher has an eye for the perfect moment, resulting in wonderful photos that beautifully showcase me and my work. If you are looking for an experienced photographer who can make your personality visible, I highly recommend Christopher Grigat.

dr. peter rössger

HMI Berater & Speaker

I booked a photoshoot with Christopher Grigat in September 2019. Prior to the session, we had a personal conversation where my expectations and goals were discussed, and my typical character traits were identified. The session itself was focused and friendly. Christopher is a highly professional photographer. The quality of his work is exceptional, and the results deeply impressed me. The post-processing of the images was done very quickly. The delivery was reliable and punctual. I will gladly book him for future projects.

Positioning photography makes the offering effective among the optimal target audience by evoking the optimal emotional state through the optimal presentation. The emotional state determines how the offering is perceived

Positioning photos enable you to make your offering effective among the right target audience. The photos convey the necessary emotions to be perceived as valuable by the target audience. With the right visual impact, you evoke emotions in potential customers. Through the visual impact, you position yourself visually for your customers. The target impact expresses the visual effect. The visual effect, in turn, forms the basis for your visual positioning. Your visual positioning determines the choice of location, etc.

The magic of the camera

Making the invisible visible.

Making souls visible.

Photography has become a means for me to show others who they are. Making the invisible visible through the camera is pure magic to me.

How does a photographic collaboration work?

So this is how I work:



Submit a non-binding inquiry, and we will schedule an introductory meeting. During this conversation, we will address any questions you may have, and you can determine if I am the right photographer for you.

Biographical pre-discussion

In the biographical pre-discussion, we explore what the ideal photoshoot looks like for you. We discuss locations, outfits, and develop your photographic profile. This forms the foundation for our further work together.


The photoshoot typically lasts half a day to a full day, during which we will photograph at multiple locations to create your portfolio of images.


Selection and image choice

After the photoshoot, you will receive a link to your image gallery, where you can select a certain number of photos for retouching.

Retouching of the photos

After selecting the photos, they will be professionally edited and retouched, with a conscious effort to maintain a natural appearance.

Final delivery of the photos

Finally, you will receive your final photos in a gallery and can conveniently download them from there.

I am based in Berlin and operate extensively in the DACH region. I am happy to come to your location for the positioning photoshoot.

Feel free to write me an email to schedule an initial consultation at For quality reasons, I work with a limited number of clients.

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